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foam mil spec packaging

When you turn on the news and see coverage about our soldiers, the first thing you think of probably isn’t about how tough it can be to send them the daily essentials that they need. When it comes to packaging supplies for the military, the United States Government has developed a complete logistical solution to meet its (often complex) needs.
With the way technology has changed virtually everything, the science of mil spec packaging has also changed with it. Have you ever thought about military packaging? Chances are you haven’t – but it’s more interesting than you might think. Read on for a history of military packaging and to learn more about how it works today.
Military packaging became a concept around 1941, when the U.S. Army was running exercises in Iceland. During those exercises the army experienced a significant amount of supply losses which were eventually attributed to bad packaging solutions. Similarly, the U.S. Navy had the same problem during operations in Guadalcanal in 1942. Ultimately, it was realized that the Army, Navy, and Marines were experiencing extremely troublesome supply shortages that were jeopardizing their ability to sustain operations – all because military packaging design was unable to meet their needs. || Read more

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $5.5 million to three consortia to support research on nanotechnology. The EPA, in collaboration with the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council, are leading this scientific research effort to better understand the potential risks to people’s heath and the environment. || Read more

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sun-chips packaging

Less than six months after pulling their compostable bags due to consumer complaints over the noisy packaging, SunChips today shouted from the rooftops that it has created a new version. And it promises to keep it down this time
The move last fall to withdraw the green plant-based packaging from all flavor of chips except original, drew both praise and scorn. After all, it had only been 18 months since the company had championed its new eco-cred with the bags — the first of its kind that could be broken down in an active compost bin in as little as 14 weeks.

The move bummed out environmentalists, with many upset that SunChips would so quickly abandon its sustainability goals over fragile ears. || Read more

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Kraft is looking to make melting chocolate bars a thing of the past after launching a search for a new chocolate packaging material.

The food giant, which bought UK confectionery group Cadbury earlier in the year, has appointed a US-based consultancy to find an innovative material that can stop chocolate melting at temperatures of up to 40 degrees celsius. || Read more

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We have been delivering custom packaging solutions to a wide range of clients for over 17 years.

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