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Paperboard is often referred to as cardboard. Paperboard is paper that is made thicker and stiffer to be used in packaging and art applications. Corrugated paperboard is used in cardboard boxes and shipping containers.

Laminated paperboard is used in packaging for food and beverage products. Paperboard manufacturing began in 1817 as a pulped wood product but is increasingly being made with recycled materials.



Corrugated paperboard

Corrugated paperboard is made of two flat outer layers of paperboard with an inner layer of fluted cardboard sandwiched in between them. This layered structure allows corrugated cardboard to be light and very rigid. It is ideal for use as a shipping container and cushioned packaging for delicate items.

One of the best uses of corrugated paperboard is for the transporting of produce. The strength of corrugated cardboard packaging greatly reduced spoilage of produce due to bruising and increased the farmers’ slim profit margin.

Paperboard Packaging

The first folded paperboard box happened because of an accident. The Robert Gair Company of New York had an equipment problem resulting in the paperboard being cut and printed in the same process. The mistake led to the development of mass produced paperboard boxes.

These mass produced boxes were soon used to package everything from cookies to juice. Boxes are custom made for the product manufacturer and machinery at the product manufacturer fills and seals the pre-printed carton.

Paperboard used for packaging milk, juice and medications is called solid bleached sulfate. It is a premium grade paperboard made with at least 80 per cent bleached wood pulp. This paperboard is often laminated with a polyethylene resin to make packaging that won’t be damaged by liquid content.
The gable top juice and milk containers found on supermarket shelves are made with solid bleached sulfate paperboard.

Recycled Paperboard

The largest market in America for recycled paper is uncoated recycled paperboard. As the name suggests, it is constructed of 100 per cent recycled paper. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 44 million pounds of paper were recycled in 2006 and the tally for 2007 averaged 360 pounds of recycled paper for ever person in the United States.

Uncoated recycled paperboard is used to make items like shoe boxes, composite paper cans, and fiber drums. Manufacturers use recycled paperboard for cereal boxes, cake mix boxes and other dry goods containers.

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