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Leatherhead, U.K. — Global PET beer bottle consumption is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach 7.7 billion bottles by 2015, according to a multi-client study published by Pira International. The study says PET beer bottle consumption totalled 6.0 billion units in 2010, which represents 2.0% of the 293 billion world beer packaging market volumes (633ml pack equivalents). || Read more

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Perhaps the biggest advantage blister packaging holds is its ability to encourage compliance. With regimens broken down by day or even by time of day, patients are more likely to stick to their schedules and catch mistakes quickly.
That’s what Curt Humiston is counting on. Humiston is director of materials management for Eisai Pharmaceuticals. One of his current projects is overseeing the sample packaging of Eisai’s drug for Alzheimer’s disease, Aricept.
Packaging Insights Inc. (Norris, TN), the contract firm with which Humiston is working, assembles Fight Back kits containing two strengths of Aricept, 5 and 10mg. The kits are designed to help patients currently taking one 5-mg tablet of Aricept per day titrate up to 10mg. “This kit concentrates on a certain group of patients whose conditions have progressed to the point where they need stronger dosages. The kit helps them ramp up over 35 days,” says Humiston. || Read more