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Cartons – Boxes – Shipping Containers

Die Cut, Corrugated (Over 200 Sizes Carried in Stock), Plain or Printed, V3C, W5C, Air Cargo, Triwall, Quadwall, Folding Chipboard, Set-up Chipboard, Tote (Plastic Corrugated), Antistat/Conductive

Interior Packaging

Bubble Pack, Etha Foam, Foam Rubber, Microfoam, Closed Cell Foam, Cushion Pak, Lamcor Built-Up Corrugated, Pelespan, Polyurethane Foam, Starch Flowables, Polyethylene, Cell Dividers, Corner Blocks, Tissue, Board (Chipboard, Corrugated, Die Cut & Laminated)

Wrapping And Interleaving

Kraft Wrapping, Die Cut and Sheets, Neutral Roll Stock, Regular Roll Stock, Neutral Wrapping, Creped Heavy Duty, Creped Light Duty, Flat Neutral Kraft, Plastic Film, Hi-Temp Nylon, Plastic Tarps, Polyester, Polyethylene, PVC

Industrial Bags – Specialized And Custom – Stock And Shipping Bags

VCI, Antistatic, Barrier, Cushioning, Foam and Bubble, Protective Packaging, Bag, Metalized Shielding, Conductive, Conductive/Antistatic Construction,Grocery, Heavy Duty Kraft, Neutral Kraft, Nox-Rust VCI/Cortec, Paper/Foil, Poly and Poly Coated, PolyKraft – Grade A, Polyethylene, Scrim/Foil, Mail-Lite, Sentinel Foam, Jiffy Padded, Jiffy Utility Grade


3M Adhesives Spray, Carton Staples, Carton Staplers, Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Carton Sealing, Cloth, Filament, Masking, Electrical & Electronic Specialties, Water Activated Tapes, Paper, Reinforced

ESD Protection (Electro Static Discharge)

Table Tops & Floor Mats, Wrist Straps & Heel Grounds,ESD Warning Labels, Static Control Equipment (Ionizers & Meters), Totes Boxes, Plastic Boxes, Bags & Pouches, Job Ticket Envelopes, Topical Antistatic Spray, ESD Packaging, Antistatic Bubble Pack, Antistatic Foam, Conductive Foams, Clean Room Supplies and Packaging, Aclar, Nylon, Wipes, Berkshire

Utilizing / Palletizing

Covers, Dust & Vapor, Pallet Wrap, Polyethylene Reinforced & Plain, Stress Wrap, Strapping Supplies, Steel Strap, Seals & Tools, Strapping Tapes, Polystrap Seals & Tools, Plastic, Polyester, and Polypropylene Strapping

Janitorial & Disposables

Towel & Toilet Tissue Dispensers, Wipes, Floor Products, Napkins, Cups, Sanitary Napkins, Soap, Cleaners

Barrier Materials

Vapor Barriers, Foil, Kraft Roll, Multi-Ply Combo, Plastic, Roll Stock, Liners & Bags, Scrim Foil, VCI, Alumitex Coppertex, Rolls, Bags & Sheets, Paper/Poly, Rust Inhibitor Paper/Film, Tarnish Inhibitor Paper, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, Waterproof Barrier Materials, Case Liners, Laminated, Poly/Kraft, Reinforced, Tarps, Grade A Greaseproof, Grade A Moldable, Grade C Moldable

Tape Insulations & Fabrication

Electrical Tapes, Nomex, TFE Coated Glass, Sequencing Kapton, Cloth, Mylar, Teflons, Foils, Films, Specialty Tapes, Single Face Foams, Double Face Foams, Paper & Film Tapes, Vinyl-Osha Colors, Hazard, Electrical Insulations, Slitting (Tapes), Die Cutting (Foam), Laminating (Foam), Paper, etc.

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